Activity Starter to copy file to selected by user folder


I am trying to set an Activity Starter proper blocks setting to copy file which is located in app specific directory to selected by user location. Unable to do so :frowning:
I have problem with understanding Activity Starter. Could you help me in some way?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Why are you using ActivityStarter to do this ? File component offers a copy block.

I know, but I want the directory to be selected in Android file manager by user. After selecting directory file is copied to selected folder.

Why? What is the purpose of this procedure and what is the goal of the app?

App is downloading pdf file in background and after download is completed this pdf file is viewed in app on main screen. File is kept in app specific directory. I want the user to have ability to save (copy) this pdf file to other directory he wants to. This will allow him to use this file the way he wants (mainly to be able to import this pdf file to other apps).

Since the file name and the download directory are known, the downloaded file can first be moved or copied from the ASD to the Shared folder /Download or /Documents (or a subfolder within it). This folder can be opened / selected via Activity starter on all Android versions, so that the user can then manually move / copy this file to any folder (if this is still useful / necessary).

Didn't think about that. Will try this. Thank you :slight_smile:

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