Activity Starter not working on Mobile

@TIMAI2 @Patryk_F (Sorry for tagging but need Urgent Reply Please)
So I create an app with update system If update available then show notifier & when click on update Link should open through chrome
It’s working fine on Companion but when I try it on phone(By downloading apk and installed it on my device) it’s not working
Notifier is showing but when click on update nothing happens
So activity starter isn’t working when app installed on device
My Blocks

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Why not do it all inside your app:

Extension to download a file to ASD without WRITE permission by BodyMindPower (for App Inventor)

Extension to Install APK from app-specific directory (ASD) by BodyMindPower (for App Inventor)

Just a quick question Before I try it
When the updates apk will download & when I install it do I have to delete old version? Or it will update automatically when I will install it?

You will need to ask Anke on the extension topic.