Activity starter get_content csv file

I'm using this activity starter example to open a csv file so i can using the datauri to shares the file through android share button.
but, when i using it, i can't even pick a csv file or other files, it shows on file manager but, i can't pick it up.

Here my blocks

and this the results when i hit the btnPick on my apps,

i am using this app on android 9.
How its suppose to be?
Thank you very much.

You might way to try a different method using Extension: File by Taifun, to return a list of csv files for selection.

the correct mime type for csv files is
see also


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Thanks for all the replies..
i will use the taifun files extension too in my other project..
In this project, i found that text/csv didn't work with my phone, instead i'm using text/comma-separated-values and it works well to select the .csv file on my phone..

Thank you it's solved

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