Activity Starter blocks to open the calculator of the device does not work

Hi all!
I am using activitystarter open another app but not work. For example:
Open_another_app_in_android.aia (1.8 KB) activitystarter
Thanks so much!


Well, tried the below code but fails on my phone - it might be the case that it will only work with the original Android calculator, not the replacement provided by the manufacturer. More likely my code is just wrong :frowning_face:


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If anyone knows, it will be Taifun.

the blocks by @ChrisWard look good...
but most probably it depends on the manufacturer of your device...
to find out the correct settings for the calculator of your device, see chapter " Discovering how to set the ActivityStarter properties" here Using the Activity Starter

the only thing you might want to change is to move the StartActivity method into the else part of the if-else statement...


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Build your own calculator ?

On my Samsung S8, Android9, the Package name is "" - can't get it to launch though.

Tried the Activity Starter values. Problem is, App Inventor uses different property names:

So in App Inventor we do have "Action", but we don't have "Category" or "Flags". Also, the Help...
... describes the use of some of the properties as though the App is being developed in Android Studio rather than App Inventor :smiley:

Edit: Terminology, that's the word I was looking for.

You can try this:

blocks (57)

Here you can find the extension:


That looks very promising vknow360.

"pick a random item list" - that doesn't sound right.

I think you want to break the loop process when the desired package name is first found, then launch that package - no need to make a list of package names given that you are only going to run one.

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Yes you are right.
It will be helpful when there are multiple calculator apps and you want to give user a chance to open desired app.
But if only one app is installed then you can simply launch app instead of asking to user.

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