j'aimerais comprendre comment utiliser " activité starter".
J'ai télécheargé un code source apk et impossible de trouver un fichier "youngandroidproject/"

Merci d'avance...

Basically, an Activity Starter is used to launch an activity on the phone by using a specified Activity Class, Package and Action.

Eg.To Open Whatsapp:


You can do many more things using an Activity Starter.

See more here:

maybe you can only get it in the project aia :
Open Winrar > File > Open archive > Find you project > Open you project.

Merci pour ta réponse rapide.
Ce que je ne sais pas trouver, ce sont les noms des packages, classe...

Encore merci.
Et comment trouver ativity, package, action... pour une application qui était déjà sur mon téléphone, s'il te plait ?

please read this :

Merci pour ta réponse.

You're welcome

There are some apps which will give you the Activity Class/ Package of a Specific App.

See some of these apps here.


If you want to open a website, set the action as android.intent.action.VIEW
and the Data Uri as the desired website address.

To send an Email:


(Replace the txtbEmail and txtbSubject with the respective fields. )