Activating enter button on mobile phone

i would like to make the enter button on a mobile phone to work as an actual enter button.
i downloaded the aix from this site
App Inventor Extensions: Textbox | Pura Vida Apps and added the extention to my project. but i cant get it to do what i want.
i have unchecked multilines and i think this block is the one i need to use:
this is what i have done:

Look again at the documentation, especially:

Example Use of StartEnterPressedListener, SetSoftKeyboardIconEnter method and EnterPressed event

i did ofcource, do you know what i do wrong? because i cant find the flow.

Well yes, you're using the wrong block(s). Look again.

i tryed the way it says i the information but is does not work.
please help me.
this is what i tryed.

Again, you didn't read the documentation carefully. Did you try the test AIA? Initialize the EnterPressed listener at the start of the app.

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no my app is almost done now, does this mean i have to start over and start with the enter button?
i can try it in a empty app and go along the way?

Yes or try the test project


thank you very much, i will try it right now.