Activate ShowListsAsJson

Hello everyone,
I have problems with the activation of the ShowListsAsJson. The check mark is set under Project Properties. But I can't find a way to activate the option or set it to true under Screen Properties.

Can someone give me a hint.


Now you have to set it in Project Properties.

Canned Response ABG - Project Properties

Project Properties
Project Properties2


Thanks for your reply.
It is checked under project properties.

However, when i print my list using list viewer or a Text Label i get somethin like:
(a b c) (1 2 3) instead of [a b c] [1 2 3]

Post a sample .aia here?

Ok, i did a did a simple .aia sample to post here an it worked.
Seems to be an error within the rest of my code.
However thanks for your help

The listviewer will show sublists using the round brackets ( - ) and no quotes or commas.

If I need to recover data from a ListView Selection, and it is supposed to be a list, I load the Elements from CSV rows, one by one.

That looks okay, and allows me to recover a sublist from a Selection later.

JOIN With Separator ',' is okay too, if you don't like quotes.