Action button without pressing

I am having a problem with my code below

I created a page (screen) named "Accueil "

In this page there is this code where there is a button

The objective is when I press the button it launches the 3 links.

The problem is that the 3 links launch before I press button2!

It starts as soon as I open the page "Accueil "

Why ?

Thank you

Is the clock already enabled in the Designer ?


I think you need to disable it🤔
Because if you enabled it the timer event will be called after the screen initialized with one seconds.I think that's why your next procedure is called as soon as you open your sceen


Thank you mohamed tamer
The problem stems from there.
But I have another problem, I put a Close Screen button to log out but nothing happens.

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You are welcome.

You can start another thread for your new problem :wink: As your actual problem got solved.

Ok :wink: thank you

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Try downloading your app and testing the button to exit your app.

Also see this Tutorial :

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