ACM/CSTA 2022 Cutler-Bell Upload files

So I am doing the ACM/CSTA 2022 Cutler-Bell challenge and my teacher said we could use MIT App Inventor but when I tried submitting my project. The challenges asked us to upload:

  1. First, select "Upload File" and upload your source code as a PDF. Please use the following naming convention: LastName_ProjectTitle_Source Code
  2. After your source code has been uploaded, please select "Upload File" again to upload your executable file. Please use the following naming convention: LastName_ProjectTitle_Executable File in a ZIP file format.

Does anyone know how to do both of these two because they won't accept any files that are not Excel, Word, TXT, PDF, PNG, JPG, PPT, MP4, MOV, RTF, BMP, GIF, ZIP?

Also I tried uploading the .aia, apk, aab, and every put them in a zip file, but it doesn't work.

Welcome Jake.

What does not work? Your source code is your Blocks or aia. In this instance it probably should be an image of your Blocks. So, did you try converting your Blocks to a pdf; then uploading the pdf as in # 1 requirement?

For #2 requirement, did you zip your apk file into a zip archive and post that?

If not what did you do? Explain what happens if you do both of these. You may need your teacher's advice. Assume you are using the instructions