Account System with Spreadsheets

im making an account system but i ran into a problem.

i want app inventor to search for a certain username in the usernames column in a google spreadsheet (im using the spreadsheet component) and then i want to compare the text from the password box to the password in the passwords' column at the same level as the username. let me make it simple:

i want to get the username's location on the spreadsheet and shift some columns until i hit the passwords one and compare the password to the password box's text


Is your google sheet restricted access (e.g. you are using a service account) or open to "anyone with the link" ?

restricted access

Have you considered using the "QUERY" block which could handle both issues at once ?

i didn't but how do i use it?

Sorry, just looked, they appear to have removed it for the delivered version....

how do i solve my issue then?

It may be that you can use the ReadWithFilter / ReadWithPartialFilter blocks, they appear to do a similar thing.

Why ReadWithQuery was removed I do not know, it was the most powerful method in the entire component!

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Oh, thanks! I'll go read and try to understand it on the documentation.


i cant understand it!! how does it work?? how do i implement it in my code??

Something like this (where textbox is your login username)


See what comes back and work with that data ?

so it returns all the data from the row that the username is on?

I do not know, does it ?

If it does, then all you should need to do is check the password list item ?

so when it returns the value, i split the password from the data and compare it?

is this good code?

What you get is a Label with return_data?

please just tell me how do i find the password in return_data

What you get is a Label with return_data?

connect the app with companion, in mouse click right side, then preoceed with Do it and share us your result