Access to projects created under an older email

In 2021 I was teaching at Creston Middle School. During that time I attended and completed App Creator training. During that training I created several projects, such as Germ Fighter.
In 2022 I began teaching at Riverside Intermediate in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. At that time I did not have access to Gateway and could not access. Early this year, that changed. I have tried to access my older projects completed in App Creator with no luck.
I was told to contact you to transfer my projects to my new account. Here are my emails:
Creston -
Riverside -
Your help in restoring access is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Bill Sinclair


Thank you. This is all the information I need. I do project transfers about once a month. I will send you message here when the projects are transferred.

Your projects should be transferred. Take a look to be sure you see them.

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