Access to control attributes

Any clue as to why the height does change with the 'open_item_control'??

The Vertical Arrangement holds a table, 4 cells high, which holds the buttons from which I get .Height from. It closes down, but does not open up.
Essentially, how can one access the particulars of a control?


  1. Don't use a table arrangement, use vertical/horizontal arrangements
  2. Get the heights and then use a clock timer to set the height

Thanks. I get the arrangements, not sure about the clock timer... how does that fit in ??

Something like this, but it will depend on what changes first, so you may have to move your component heights around


Currently the window changes sizes at the click/push of a button. I tried dozens of ways to use sliders, graphic buttons to get the up down approach, but found no method to make it feel natural. If you know of a way to place a 'handle' on a window to slide it up and down, open/close, then I am all ears!!
It drops down a menu to manipulate list items, Edit, Del, Share etc. I like the slide open/close idea with the timer. I suppose now I think about it, it could be a spinner too, but I want the menu to be all visible to the user.
For now, yes, I will rearrange them so it is horizontal arrangements with a vertical arrangement, then I can 'slide' open close the vertical window with a click

Cheers, I will let you know how it goes.

I eliminated a sliding bar that made things messy, shifted around the boxes and buttons, and got it to work better.
I still have to determine how to size on the fly, so to speak, so during development I can simply add controls and not have to worry about how big a window has to be. I suppose it could all be set to Automatic also.
Thanks for the help