Access Image taken by Camera in WebViewer

Is it possible that an image taken via the Camera component is accessible in the webviewer. The webviewer is showing a page from the assets.

Just incase this isn't possible I'd outline my final goal here so that someone can suggest a workaround
I want to take a picture, compress it and send it to a PHP server. I have used a javascript library for compression and XMLHttpRequest for the uploading part. The server is sorted out too. I just am not able to run my script on the image because I cant access it in the HTML file.

Any help is appreciated!

You will probably need to use the Custom Webview extension, and its helper functions in order to upload files

Uploading isn't the problem though (yet). I'm unable to get the image.

The afterPictureTaken event provides the absolute path to the image

I've tried using that



The image file needs to be in a relative path to the html file.

Copy the html file from the assets to the folder where the camera images are stored, open the html file from there, then you should just be able to call the image file with just the filename

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