About two different sensor to send data to the MIT App Inventor

Hello everyone,

I am building the product which can measure the weight of water and monitor the water temperature. In now, I succeeded to get the load cell values through bluetoothle. However, I am facing the challenges with the temperature sensor. When I connect the my phone, I can measure the weight values but I cannot get the temperature values. In the Arduino serial monitor, I can see my temperature value. I thought that I made the wrong thing in the MIT App inventor. Unfortunately, the value still cannot show in my phone.

Do you suggest some method to me for show the temperature value in the phone?

testing_code.txt (4.8 KB)
I use the HX711 load cell and DS18B20 temperature sensor to get the weight value and temperature data.
Any help would be appreciated

I see you used two characteristics for your two data streams, but in your Floats Received event you don't test which one arrived.

Since both values are floats, you only need one simple string characteristic for both - sending both values in one string thus: temp|weight. App Inventor will read the string values as numbers.

It is because I tried different method for testing. It seems not working. So, I remove them and just post my success working thing in here.

I'm Sorry. As I am a beginner to use the app inventor, can you describe it detail? Thanks.

This is classic Bluetooth, but look at how they send and receive two data.

 tempera_humidity = String(temperature, 3) + "," + String(humidity, 3);

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