About the save&load bug

Even though I pressed the Save project, the screen 2 continues to fail to loading. What's the problem with it?

screen3_backup.aia (569.5 KB)


Can you temporarily change the language to English to take the screenshot? This way, there are surely more users who can help you.

and there are many red error mark. try to correct them first.

I deleted the red blocks and saved, but the they are remain even after I reload the tab.

Can you share your aia?

I uploaded aia file.

All the errors in Screen2 say the same (component doesn't exist):

Click on the names of each block with error and assign the correct name. With no errors the project is saved correctly.

Notice the common feature of component names starting with the same two characters from the wrong code page?

Did you copy and paste Designer components cross language?

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