About the MIT APP Inventor 2021 Summer Appathon

I am joining the MIT APP Inventor Appathon. I recieved a link from MIT APP Inventor to submit my app. I have accidently deleted that e-mail and I didn't save that link. I was wondering if the MIT APP Inventor people will send that link to me again.

Name: Alexandra Christy Ethe Raj


I assigned your question to one of the organizers of the Appathon that can help you with that.

And may I know when will they respond?

As soon as they are available. It is night where they life so they are probably sleeping right now.

Are you sure it is not still present in your bin?

May I know what time they are available? And is it around 1 am or so there?

Yes. I have checked the whole email app. There is nothing.

You just have to be patient. App Inventor devs just like all people have personal lives to.

Single delete can never permanently delete an email.
It should be in trash.

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I accidentally deleted it twice.

That's strange, really strange.

I deleted with my other emails that I didn't want. I Think.

see this video maybe it can help you

Ok thank you very much.

@AlexaQTKidz you can go to this link https://support.google.com/mail/workflow/9317561?rd=1&visit_id=637632215800808339-3600059351 and recover permanently deleted mails

I have tried it doesn't work.

i thought it might work , sorry i couldnt help you

Its ok. Maybe I can just wait for the MIT People to respond.

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