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App Inventor provides opportunities to incorporate artificial intelligence into mobile apps using frameworks like Google’s TensorFlow.js. Share extensions, tutorials, and projects that showcase the power of mobile-enabled AI.

I love that we can start integrating AI into App Inventor. However I was checkin that only certain devices work with this activity.
What about using Iphones? I had the access to the MIT App Inventor app on my phone as well as my students. I would like to know if I can do this activity.


Regular language handling NLP
While discourse acknowledgment centers around absolutely change of voice to message, Natural Language Processing NLP is a discipline that is all the more firmly connected to the field of etymology, and its goal is to comprehend what the client implies while making a specific order, question or proclamation (either composed or vocal) and what he hopes to accomplish. Moreover, it examines the mind-set to track down abstract examples. To put it plainly, it is the field that helps correspondence (mostly sound and composed) among machine and human.

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Salut monsieur, peux je comprends les fonctionnalités d'intelligence artificielle avec vous ? Cela me ferait un plaisir.