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I am doing an application consisting of more than one page. I created a separate subscription for each page. For example:

Page A> Subscription A
Page B> Subscription B
Page C> Subscription C

When a page is entered, the subscription is checked and if the subscription is active, the page opens. If the subscription is not active, the page does not open. All pages will be like this.

But my problem is this:
I just want it to check Subscription A when checking subscription on page A.

When I do it according to the narration on the extension's page, it checks with all subscription and opens all pages if there is any subscription.

So if I have Subscription A, I can also access Page B and Page C.

However, the person who has Subscription A should only be able to access Page A. It should not be able to reach other pages.

I think I need to change the listOwnSubscritions to only run the relevant subscription when running the OwnItemsLoaded event, but I haven't been successful even though I tried hard.

I hope I explained my problem correctly.

page a

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Maybe @Taifun can help you.

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Yes, it will help whenever possible. Hope we can fix this problem. Because I purchased the plugin but cannot use it.

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I still haven't been able to fix the problem and I think there is no one to support this?

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You need to ask taifun,

And also it's paid extension, so I dont have any idea

Is the problem solved?

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I dont think so, or else this topic would have been closed!

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@Taifun is not seen from past 4 days.

You can try to use this alternative Free extension :

Sorry I'm currently traveling... just sitting at the gate at Frankfurt Airport... :wink:

As already answered by private email:

Please follow the Simple Subscription example here http://puravidaapps.com/billing.php and adjust it to your needs. In the OwnItemsLoaded event you can find out, if a subscription was purchased or not. Only if it was purchased, then open that pape A or B.

To find out, if an item is in a list, use the is in list block...

Please try the suggestion and if you still are stuck, post a screenshot of your latest relevant blocks


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Yes, I was curiously waiting for you to come back from your vacation.

Below, I am sharing some of the blocks I tried out. But I can't solve the problem.

By the way, I want to say it again. It works fine when there is only one subscription. I cannot use it when I create more than one subscription.

When I create more than one subscription, the user who has any of the subscriptions can access all pages.

(Please don't answer right now. I'm waiting for you to come back from vacation. Just reply when you come back from vacation.

Thank you so much.1 2 3

if subs.A already is subscribed (i.e. already is in the listOwnSubscriptions),
then display the information
else subscribe



Thank you for your support.
Problem solved.

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