About security of Json and Google Sheet API

Hello everybody,

I've juste finished an ap' for teachers (in France, for disable people), and it uses Spreadsheet.
Before I'll send it to all my colleagues and other teachers, I've got some question about the json file wich give access through the API to the sheets.

I'm scared to have someone who will be abble to find all the informations in the APK or in a directory after having installing the APK on his phone...

How do you manage this ?

Tks a lot :slight_smile:

You could use this obfuscated text

You may want to read this:

After some testing, it is possible that you can store the content (or file) for the credentials.json off the app, so somewhere online. You can then call the file/content down and apply it to the app when it first opens. Delete the file when the app is to be closed. You can do the same with the Sheet ID.

If your app has a secure login system, then only those users authorised to login to the app will be able to download the credentials to make the spreadsheet component work.

You must also ensure that your spreadsheet is set to "restricted", and is only shared with those authorised users.

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