About Screen Sizes @AI2

A problem which I'm facing is about screen sizes.

@MIT (I know that None is tagged but who cares ?)

The Screen Size that is provided in MIT AI2 doesn't match Modern phones .

It becomes quite confusing to set the layouts.

For example,

  • Arrangements out of Screen. Things inside the Arrangements not visible in the Designer section.

So an option to set a custom screen size is required.

I know that we can always use the Companion, but there are many features that are available only in compiled apks. (For some extensions .)

But even if we use the Companion, things get harder to rearrange when components go outside the Screen.

Something that was a problem for me.

In a paint app, I was having problems to drag in buttons to their correct positions, as the things were outside the screen.


The Conclusion is :
Please give an option to set custom Screen sizes.

Even when using Tablet or Monitor sizes or temporarily switching to Landscape? Even when you hide components on the left to "get at" components on the right?

The designer has been like this from the beginning, we have learnt to live with it and use workarounds to achieve layouts.

You should edit your title to "@ AI2" or "AppInventor" from "@ MIT"

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I can understand your sufferings... :cry:

Thanks for the suggestion man. Didn't try that one.

I've tried that many times, but it becomes frustating to hide and unhide components so many times.


Thanks for your suggestion of Tablet size @TIMAI2 .

But ya, this request of mine will stay a request until its fulfilled. The problem of dragging in components is only solved, and not of Screen Sizes.

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