About RunTime Error messages... reading Error to read Google sheet data

Thanks to the mit app inventer, I have been making apps as a hobby.
Thank you... But, there is an error when I read the Google sheet data through the App Inventer. I read it well at first, but...
Since yesterday, an error message has been coming up. RunTime Error messages...
It's as follows. I entered the block code correctly.

Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

error message1

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Place your url in a computer browser to see what is being returned.


I get this


Have you changed the access settings for the spreadsheet, it needs to be at least view by anyone

Yes ,,, I already changed to" Anyone on the internet with this link can view"

Good. The url now returns:

name ,phone

in a computer browser (downloads a csv file)

Try again in your app, if it still does not work then do this:

and report back