About login error on the webviewer. Help me please!

"Long time no see. I used to be in your care before. I used to read the community news in the email newsletter, but I haven't been working on anything with MIT APP Inventor 2.

Today, I need your help. I was thinking of creating an app that incorporates a chatbot I made on the well-known LLM platform "Poe" into the MIT APP Inventor's WebViewer. However, when I tried to log in to the app inside the web browser, I encountered an error.

So, I asked ChatGPT for the cause, but I couldn't understand it well. From my experience, I knew that using WebViewer and ActivityStarter would open websites, but I have no experience using a login screen, and I don't know the cause of the error.

I searched for YouTube videos and tried to put together blocks similar to those, but it didn't improve. I also searched in this community, but I couldn't find any threads with a similar situation. I haven't used AI2 for a long time, so I don't know how to use it, and I can't clear the error.

Right now, I'm just working on the designer screen to get it to look like the image, and I haven't put together any blocks. I have placed the AIA file here. If anyone knows how to fix the error, please let me know.". Oh, I'm sorry. I can't upload the aia file here.

Can you translate the error message into English, and upload a test AIA that replicates the issue here?

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Thank you for asking.
The red Japanese text "ε•ι‘ŒγŒη™Ίη”Ÿγ—γΎγ—γŸγ€‚γ—γ°γ‚‰γεΎ…γ‘γ€γ‚‚γ†δΈ€εΊ¦γŠθ©¦γ—γγ γ•γ„γ€‚" displayed on the far-right side of the image below is an error message.
That Japanese sentence means "Something went wrong. Please wait and try again."

It's a link address for the aab file that put on my google drive.

I hope you can help me.
My best regards.