About listview height

Hi All;

I am new in coding and I have trouble about listwiev hight between listwiev elements. Could developers make an option that sets for listwiev hight between listwiev elements?

thanks in advance

i have the same problem right now.

Could you expand a bit on what you’re trying to accomplish? Do you want all of the elements to be the same height, but taller? Do you want to be able to control the height of the elements individually? When you say “Between elements” do you mean adding space between the elements but not actually affecting their height?

Hi ewpatton;

Thanks for reply. Let me exple what I am tring to do with picture.

The listwiev component give a space which I drow with blue. Yet I don’t need so much space. Even if I reduce text font size the space still so much.

I am asking could developers add an option here;

to manupulate space which I drow with red

Thank you again…

I have the same problem...