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Hello guys!

I want to translate English in the App Inventor into Korean.
Now that I quit my job, I finally have time to translate Korean.
I could use Git with the help of Jeffrey and Karen a few years ago.
After that, the Google Translator kit was available with the help of Susan.
However, I am currently unable to use Google Translator Kit through the URL I received from Susan.
And I found the information that the translation will be carried out using Weblate. Am I right?
I want to do this work for children in Korea. Please give me the authority to translate.
My gmail address : khrireg@gmail.com

Thank you to the MIT App Inventor team.
Best regrads.

  • Haksung
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Good morning Sir, I can help you in this. You just need to Embed google translate widget in your App Inventor and then, It can even be Translated in More than 100 languages. If you need any help, just ask.

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@kimhaksung Google shut down Translate Toolkit a while ago. We're now using a self-hosted Weblate instance at https://weblate.appinventor.mit.edu. Please create an account there and then ping @Susan_Lane with your username so she can grant you permission to edit the Korean translation.

Thank you so much Evan!
@Susan_Lane I created an account and my username is haksung.
I am happy to be able to translate Korean!

I have granted you permission.

You can see the modules that are part of App Inventor here: https://weblate.appinventor.mit.edu/projects/appinventor/

Click any one of these modules, and you'll see a list of languages that should include Korean. From there, you should be able to edit the translation. I can offer additional guidance if you need it.

Thank you!

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Thank you very much Susan!

I am trying to correct the misinterpretation of Korean translation and improve the quality of the translation. For children in Korea.

I am always grateful for your hard work. I'm looking forward to the day we meet again. Thank you! Have a nice day! ^0^

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