About HTML in Community

A frustating thing I've noticed is that, I can't use the style property of HTML tags here.

For example : text
Code = <b style="font-size: 30px">text</b>

Here, the font-size property wasn't applied.

Now, this makes things harder.

Just for example,
A while ago, I wanted to set an image's style to inline-block (in a post), but that did not work out. It rather showed the image in full width.

There are many more situations when style properties become quite too important.

Now tell me what I can do to set style properties for HTML tags in posts.

  1. Discourse uses markdown
  2. "Content" is probably more important than "style"

Ya, but I need "style" to improve content, so that things could be better understood.

<div align = center||left||right></div>

Is working with community post i often used it to my post.

@SHUBHAMR69 it is not possible to use CSS with community post content.

Oh ok, but could you tell me how to things like, inline images(for simplifying spaces.), font-color(for highlighting things.), etc.

You can't use CSS style with inline block content but for alignment you can try this example...


<img src = "" align = left/>


Ok trying that here.

@preetvadaliya It didn't change anything.

What would I align if there is nothing to set width or height ? :sweat_smile:

Have you tried you can also use "Height and width" using attribute.

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I've always used height and width as style properties.
Gonna try it below.

Nice !

Thanks, I never knew I could do those things out of style property.

Directly use height and width as attribute and value can be pixel and percentage.

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Thanks again, bye ! :wave:

You could at least have shown the code you used....

<div display = inline-block>
<img src="https://community.appinventor.mit.edu/uploads/default/original/
1X/69d98bd983c7c56415dd3f05dea67a20ac6d355c.png" height = 50px
 width = 50px align = left display = inline-block> Nice !</div>

Sorry, I forgot it actually.

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Hello World
<div align = center>
<img src="https://community.appinventor.mit.edu/uploads/default/original/
1X/69d98bd983c7c56415dd3f05dea67a20ac6d355c.png" height = 200px
 width = 200px></div>

<div align = center>Hello World</div>

No image? Just a place-holder.

Yes, shows up in edit. Will get another image :wink: Fixed - there was a hidden space in the url