About how I can start contribution for the project in GSoC?

Hii everyone,
This year MIT inventor has registered itself as org in GSoC and would like to contribute in one of the projects among them.The potential mentors for that project are Evan Patton, Susan Lane and i was not able to find any other way to communicate to them to discuss more about the project. Can anyone help me related to this issue.

I assigned one of the devs to this topic.

could you tell me to whom and how to get in contact with him?

I assigned Evan Patton. They will respond here I guess.

thanks for the reply but still didn't got any response from them.

Which project in particular were you looking at? Susan and I both are potential mentors for many projects.

Hi Evan, I want to mention that the project repository is quite developer-friendly, and the ideas in the ideas list are clear, and I find them very interesting to work on. I am participating in GSOC 2023 and want to start contributing by working on "Project Properties Dialog" and "GWT Unit Testing" ideas, as I am familiar with Java and have previously had some experience with GWT too. I am currently setting up the project, so could you please direct me to where I can begin contributing so that I am more familiar with the concept and requirements of the project?

@Aryan_Chavan thanks for your interest in App Inventor source.

For contribution, after setting up your dev environment please look at GitHub issue list under 'help-wanted' label, there are some beginner level issues under that label will help you to getting started with contribution.

For GSoC prospective, choose the project idea mentioned in wiki section and figure out how you can implement it, make a proposal and share with community.

If you find any problem during installation please ask.

Preet Vadaliya
GSoC 2021 and 2022 contributor

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