About changing YaVersion

Hi @ewpatton Do I need to increment YaVersion every time I modify the code?
And In the 4 link provided above there is a section 4.3 which states:
The [BlockSaveFile](http://javadoc.app-inventor-releases.googlecode.com/hg/openblocks/yacodeblocks/BlockSaveFile.html - This link is not working) class (in openblocks.yacodeblocks) must also be updated. If any component version numbers were increased then add code to upgradeComponentBlocks().
And I can’t find the BlockSaveFile.


YaVersion only needs to be updated for component API changes and changes that affect the blocks language such that a project coded with the new version would not be compatible with the previous version. This includes:

  1. Addition of a new component (add a new version number for it)
  2. Addition, modification of, or removal of a property (bump the version number of the component)
  3. Addition, modification of, or removal of a block (bump BLOCKS_LANGUAGE_VERSION).

We no longer use Openblocks for the blocks language (that was AI1). Everything is done with Blockly now. When you bump a version number, you should modify YoungAndroidFormUpgrader.java (under appengine) and versioning.js (under blocklyeditor), to address the change.

See also this GitHub comment for a more detailed discussion.