Abmob Extension or Müll?

Hello everyone, I've just found an Admob.aix on the Internet, I've been looking for something like that for a long time, now I've found something, but is that real ??? or is there something wrong ... it would be nice if you could help me ... THX

[mod edit - direct link to extension removed - @Sirius_EasyTV please do not post direct links to extensions on this community, post a link to a web page provided by the developer - which should also explain how the extension is used]

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OK here is the link

... and I ask you if this is real ... because I have no idea :wink:

Did you understand it:

This means that do not include a link to the aix file here, but to the page where the developer who created the extension posted it and described how to use it. Extensions from unknown sources may contain malicious code.

Extension appears to have been made by someone called "happySoul" and is linked to on telegram ( If you load the extension and click the Help icon). Try contacting them there for more info about usage/documentation.

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