Ability to rename Screen1

Continuing the discussion from Proposal to add Scoped Constants:

Would it be possible to set Screen1's UID to something constant (like 0) and let the user rename the screen?


I’ve worked on a branch that allows any screen to assume the role typically designated to Screen1 via a designer property. There are a lot of places in the code that rely on the name that goes beyond a simple renaming. Also, every screen’s UUID is 0 so it would have to be some other value for this to work.

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Hi, do we have the ability to rename Screen 1 now? If so, please provide solution as I cannot locate a way to do this. Personally, not having Screen 1 at the top of the page and having the ability to name it the project name, welcome, etc., is important. Also, I just discovered the app inventor and it is great. Looking forward to release of the iOS version. Best regards, KM

Screen1 is always the first screen
see the following thread about what could be done


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