ABB targetapi=31; Android Studio; APK Editor Studio; wits end

OK looks fine.

I built an AAB on the test server and get this in the Manifest:

So this error should not appear when you upload the AAB in the Play Developer console.

Manifest of your APK:

Post a screenshot like this ("All" and only "drafts"):

i just grabbed this

Any ideas what's going wrong?

OK. Let's start from the beginning:

  1. Change your project name to: MAGreeky(.aia)
    (→ packageName: appinventor.ai_<yourEmail>.MAGreeky), see also here.
  2. Build the AAB on the test server
  3. Create a new app in the Play Developer console
  4. Upload the AAB (MAGreeky.aab) to the Play Developer console
    as an internal test track (→ internal testing).

i have the same error API 31!

liebe grüße Norbert

Bitte erklären, worum es genau geht, sonst verwirrt dies nur weiter.
Und warte besser ab, bis ich das Problem mit @Larc geklärt habe.

Please explain what exactly is going on, otherwise this will only further confuse ...
And better wait until I clear the issue with @Larc.

I don't see an error. Previously I was under Closed Testing, not Internal Testing. I don't know if that's significant


So now

  • wait for the Pre-launch report (maybe 1-2 hours) and
  • if you then do not see any errors / warnings / issues
  • download the APK from the Play Developer console and
  • test this APK on your test devices.
  • After that (if everything looks fine) release the app as a production version.


ok. thanks....hoping for no errors. This is actually a near-final version. I'll add in pages for the placeholders and an app that will be called, then release. Thanks so much...hoping the rest will go smoothly, and I won't have to ask for any more help.

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Of course that last time the other app (to be called) was compiled was, at a minimum, i'll have to redo it on the test server..

No, because these apps were created / released before Aug 2022, so they can target SDK 30 till Nov 2022. See also here:

this isn't really off topic, since part of the topic is Google's. buggy software.....

I'm getting these silly errors, particularly since I answered that my app is for ages 18+ --- but it's requiring a Privacy Policy, which is says is only if app targets kids. Also, I don't know why it's flagging these false "errors" now and not with the previous test we did here. Any advice? -thanks again

I use three-step creation. 1°) I create the App in the current version of Ai2.Inventor; 2°) I download the AIA project to my computer and upload the aia generated in the test.ai2.inventor version. 3°) I generate the AAB file in the test version and submit it to the Google play store.

Being on Google play, when reaching the phase of generating the version. I click on the generate the key option and check the Google generated key option.

Do you know how many problems I have? ZERO, no difficulty. ZERO DIFFICULTY.

Avoid writing in uppercase.

He wants to back up his statement. That's totally fine (in this case) - in my opinion.

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Google Play requires privacy policy for all apps, no matter if the app is for kids or not. And you need to fill in the security data form

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