AAPT Execution Failed Error

can someone tell me why is this can't work?:((( pls i need it for my assignment.. i can't seem to find the problem just yet and i don't know how to do it (i'm super beginner in this)

Please search the community. AAPT is a very general error and can have different causes.


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Please export your project and post it here.

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@Peter Not very helpful.

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AAPT Execution errors are the most difficult to pinpoint. There is no single cause and finding the issue is difficult, even for experienced programmers.

The best general advice without specific information about the code inducing the issue is in @Peter 's post. His link is a large list of discussions where developers had and AAPT issue and mostly solved them. You get to do a lot of reading, and might learn something. :slight_smile:

What can a developer do?

  • Avoid the AAPT issue in the first place. Frequently save copies of your Project as an aia. If you have a recent aia that works, revert to a previous version of your app that works when the AAPT fails. Your issue is something you coded between coding the aia and today's disaster.

  • A very common AAPT issue is incorrectly creating a custom icon for the app. Is this your issue? Did you provide a custom icon? Make a copy of your app; delete the custom icon (which should be an png or jpg image ..) and try again. If you avoid the AAPT, congratulations, you found the gremlin.

  • sometimes, sharing your Block code with the community will give someone with a keen eye the ability to find a coding issue in your code. If you don't share code or the aia; all anyone can do is guess what causes the AAPT and the solution is somewhere in the link Peter provided.


Hello Jen

You might like to go through my checklist:
https://www.professorcad.co.uk/appinventortips#TipsApk Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

In particular, the most common AAPT (Android Asset Packaging Tool) errors are:

  1. Images that are not Optimised for Android (including the App Icon, as mentioned by Steve)
  2. Using an out-of-date extension
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snake_game (1).aia (41.1 KB)

hello, thank you so much for replying!i didn't expect to get help so i replied late. however, bc i still needed it, im gonna reply with the exported project of mine as you instructed. tbh, i think the problem lies within the picture. i have changed it for many times but i couldn't seem to find a snake picture that is not problematic. now, the picture does not even appear in the app://

thank you. i literally know nothing about programming and looking at the advices just confused me a lot. i hope you can help me with this one too. thank you so much.

Compiles OK here....

English To Spanish Translator (1).aia (167.2 KB)
Can someone help me here. I am facing AAPT execution error, trying my first app and facing issue. Thanks in advance.

this code works for me.

In the left panel you have the help.

Compiles ok with no errors

cong_thuc_gon_gac_voice_1.aia (141.1 KB)

help me !!!!!! please !

Try this , made some changes and now it compiles ok

Your project somehow got corrupted and had empty spaces in Screen's names when only numbers, letters and underscore is allowed


thank you very much

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