Aac+ in app inventor

Hi Everyone,

i’d like in my app add connection with shoutcast. In mp3 work good but in acc+ don’t work. Do you have any solution ?

Aac+ audio is not supported in AI2. However, this non AI2 discussion seems to indicate Aac+ streaming can be used successfully. https://software.intel.com/pt-br/forums/intel-software-network-brasil/topic/597905 The issue may be the WebViewer does not support Aac+

You might be able to use an ActivityStarter to launch your device’s default browser and run from there … Using the Activity Starter

Does anything here help?

you might want to try the Stream player (Video and Audio) Extension by Kus Zab (12 USD)

unfortunately the extension developer does not talk too much... the question has been asked several times without given any answer in the community... you might want to ask again... let us know, what you find out...

Holaaa, reproduce los archivos AAC? En streaming?


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THX for replay

i wrote msg to Dev. I waiting for msg.

send me .aac stream to decode

sorry, I don't know what you are talking about... please elaborate...

hola como están, es definitivo entonces los streaming en acc no se pueden reproducir en app inventor? dejo una radio ejemplo para decodificar creo que eso era lo que pidió en su momento Taifun http://streams.cloudcast.media/radio/8030/listen.aac

en mp3 nunca tuve problemas pero se me presento esta opcion asi que voy a investigar ... saludos a todos!!!