Aab compiling server not work

Android app bundle compiling server not work

"Waiting for the barcode" in loop

Compiling to aab OK on the ai2 main server from here.

Have you tried again ?

Can you compile to apk ?

Hi, yes i tried again, but "waiting for the barcode" in loop again.
I can compile apk file, but aab required for my project

did you try building a simple project?
can you tell us more about your project? how many screens? which extensions? how many assets? etc everything you think it might be important to find out, why you get issues while building the project...


Hi, it is a project with three screens of which the main and the third have a web viewer.
In particular, in the first screen the url of the web viewer is changed from time to time according to the actions of the end user (making various buttons disappear and making them appear high, including the web viewer).
No extension
On the second screen there is a simple checklist.
I have tried to compile an aab from an empty project and it works.
I also changed the browser and device, but I always get the same result.
With my 25-screen app aab works ...