Aab and Apk files


Apologies if this was asked already, just can't find correct answer for me.

I do understand that Aab is for Google play store and apk for your phone.
I wanna know if my aab app (file) will be exactly the same as my apk file.

I always test my app on my phone (apk) before publishing it on Google play store but obviously aab file is not for phone, only Google play store needed.

Hope it make sense.

Thank you in advance

AAB files are used for publishing an app in Google Play Store. Google play is recommending AAB files because there are many uses of it like size reduction, app optimization etc. But mobile phones cannot unpack AAB files to run it on the phone, thats why we are using APK files for testing the app in our phone.

AAB files are used to publish app to Google Play (recommended).
APK files are used to publish app to Google Play (not recommended) or to test the app in phones.

More information: https://developer.android.com/guide/app-bundle

Hope it solves the problem,


D'altronde sarebbe una grandissima incoerenza da parte di Mit App Inventor; se un file APK fosse differente dal relativo aab..non trova?


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