A very narrow line sprite is not drag-able

Dear all,

I am trying to measure a graph in X axis, so I designed to sprites that are hairlines (1x100 pixels).

But these are not drag-able. They are not sensitive to touch.
If I define the "width" to 2 in properties, they work just fine.

Is this normal? or can I do something?
Because I prefer very narrow 1 pixel lines for precision measurements.

  • You are trying to use your finger as a mouse with a skinny pointer. This won't work unless you have skinny fingers; you might be able to use a stylus instead of your fat finger with a different result.
  • Screen pixel density indicates that on some device screens, what you are attempting might work but on others might not work. Two pixels might be the limit of resolution with a touch, at least using App Inventor screen graphics.
  • normal? Yes, this is probably 'normal' behavior. It is a matter of resolution
  • can you do something? Use a stylus, live with 2 x 100, use a BlueTooth keyboard/mouse.
  • prefer 1 x 100? Experiment with a stylus or a mouse.


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thanks :blush:
Maybe I move the lines by buttons instead of touch.

Great idea moving/shifting graphics with a Button to increment a distance change by changing the sprite coordinates.

Another idea ...
You can drag the Canvas, and try to remember which Sprite (or eraseable and redrawable thing) you intended to move, and use the Canvas's drag event to trigger that movement.

You would need something outside the Canvas to tell the app what you want to drag, like a Button or ListPicker, and set a global variable with a Sprite component block for the Canvas event to move using the Any Sprite blocks.

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