A suggestion for using check box and multiple screen

Hi there,
sorry to bother you... I need help for something maybe I do not understand properly:

I've in Screen6 this situation:


My goal is to put checkbox TEXT (Media, Cultura, Transettoriale) in another Label in Screen10


This is my first part of programming:

Now...I think... I need to save in another variable the TEXT of the checkbos has been checked when I press on Cerca Button ... is it right?

So in Screen6 i wrote also:

and after in Screen10:

But... i need something like:

When I press Cerca Button put in variable VarScelta the TEXT of Stato_checkbox... or not?

If it is true? How can I do it?

Thank so much for your help.... :slight_smile:


I solved :slight_smile:

This in Screen6

and this in Screen10