A small suggestion regarding CloudDB

Hello community,
I have faced a small issue previously when I was working with CloudDB.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Create a project.
  2. Add a CloudDB named CloudDB1 component to it.
  3. Add some value to the DB.
  4. Make a checkpoint of the project (thinking that it is the newer version of the app).
  5. Open the checkpoint and add another CloudDB named CloudDB2 to it.

As you can see the CloudDB1's ProjectID is the old project name. But the CloudDB2's ProjectID is the new project name. If you didn't change the ProjectID to the new one, the data will be gone (this may be a serious issue to the developers who have published the app to Google Play Store).

So I suggest that, if the old project name can be saved and be used as the ProjectID of the new CloudDB after checkpoint, it may solve this problem.

Thank you

What happens if you use your own CloudDb server, instead of the MIT default?

The MIT CloudDb server is for testing, and should not be used for a production app.

The projects are considered two different projects from App Inventor's perspective, so the behavior is correct. It shouldn't be an issue for people who have published apps to Google Play because the project name is used to generate the app's package name, so the apps will appear to Google Play as two different apps as well.

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Oh, Thank you @ABG and @ewpatton. I posted this topic because I faced this problem recently.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: