A search button for quiz app

I need help making a Search Button and Textbox Input that uses a Loop Algorithm for: Add a keyword search capability to your app. For example, if the user types in environment and clicks on the search button, you should find the question or answer with the word environment in it and show that question. This would be a linear search through the parallel question and answer lists using a loop.

I have a certain amount of code made for this, but I'm not sure if I'm correct

  1. Why do you use the same two conditions in your or clause ?

  2. In your search button event, you run all the way through to the end of the questionList. Introduce a break block when your condition is met.

  3. Include an else socket to do something if no result is found

  4. If there are more than one questions that meet the condition, only the first in the list will be returned

You also are misusing the list questionList in procedure updatequestion.
A list is not a number, so trying to use math +1 on it will fail.