A question to App Inventor developers and experts about IOS

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I've been using MIT App Inventor for several years, used Appybuilder, Kodular and had success in all my developed apps. Since MIT App Inventor announced IOS support, I got excited about the possibility to migrate my projects to it. But now, after some years observing its development, I can see that I cannot migrate any of my projects to IOS specially because all my projects use extensions and as I can see, they are not allowed (of course) in IOS and wait for them to be transported is a far away dream.
That has been said, I would like to ask you: Is it interesting to wait to have conditions to migrate my apps to IOS App Inventor, once I know it will take a long time waiting, or do I really have to think about my future developing apps using another platform, like Flutter or another?
I would like to know your opinions...

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Kleyber Derick

See MIT's comments regarding ios and extensions

Where is iOS Support? - #8 by ewpatton

Interesting point, @SteveJG and thanks for sharing it, but it will take a lot of time. I just have to take a decision for these days... There are 2 new projects that I really don't know what to do, because both require working in all Android and IOS devices...

You might try the 'free' Delphi Community edition. It creates Windows, Android and ios apps using a single code base using a Pascal like development language. It is licensed for free use until your individual revenue from Delphi applications or company revenue reaches $5,000 US

or use B4x which uses a Visual Basic language to produce Android and ios apps.

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Thanks for your opinion, @SteveJG . I really appreciate it.

Or you could use Thunkable. It produces Android and iOS applications.


Hello my friend @Peter!! I have already used Thunkable in the past and I didn't have a good experience with it. Anyway, thank you for your tip.

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Well according to your opinions, I have to find another way to go creating my next mobile projects. So, thanks to all of you who have helped me during this time. Maybe in the future I can come back again.

Thank you!!

Kleyber Derick

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The crucial question is which extensions are involved and in this respect the question is, can methods from the extensions be implemented/bypassed without these extensions? If that's not possible, you have no choice but to create your apps natively with Xcode & Swift. However, this is truly a challenge (especially for non-programmers like me), but today AI (ChatGPT etc.) provide good help in creating Swift code.

By the way, all of my apps in the Apple App Store so far have been built with Xcode and Swift.


Hi @Anke, you pointed exactly what I asked myself when I look into my future apps. All of them have to be made to work with Android and IOS. What I have made until now in App Inventor need extensions like ImageBase64, SimpleSqlite, TaifunTools and so on. So it's almost impossible to have all of them implemented in App Inventor to IOS in a medium term.

Not a bad idea. Anyway, thank you for pointing this.

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