A question about the using of kodular in the HACKATHON

Hi to everyone, I have an only question that I want to do to know if I can create my proyect in Kodular and support the .IAI to show it as my proyect, I don't know if there is a problem with that, Who knows? Please.

Leaving things a bit late aren't you ? :wink:

Read the HACKATHON website - Submission requirements:

You need to use one of the MIT AppInventor servers to build your app.

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Thanks but not me , I have created my app in Kodular and App Inventor :wink: only that I didn't know which project to send.

Thanks a lot!!

The reason is simple, the judges will be using the MIT AI2 code server to review submitted aia projects, Kodular based projects may contain many components that are therefore not compatible, and the app will not work / run / or be able to be compiled.


Even when using only components that are available in App Inventor, could make the aia unusable when you have edited it in Kodular. It is also registered in the aia what builder you used. So if you used Kodular that can be found and then you have not followed the rules of the Hackathon which states that you only can use App Inventor.

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