A new Bug in the release(sum blocks appearing)!

I observed that there were "sum" blocks suddenly coming up in my blocks section (I didn't drag it there)
I thought it must be a mistake so I deleted it but I found it again today (It comes by itself)
So why is it happening ????

Please Show us?

I have deleted that block yesterday only but I will surely report if I find it again in my project

Hi again !
Strangely the sum block event has not occurred again in my project till now
But I did found a "mystery file" as everybody is getting......
Mystery file
Another issue I have is that many times when I click on any button on the MIT App inventor site it pop opens a website and if I close that website it shows that the pop-up has been blocked
But when I open the MIT site again , I can see the pop ups again
This is the site which opened now , when I clicked on a screen in the drop down

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It pops up many times when clicking anywhere in App inventor

Got this on clicking "My Projects"

This too

That new file in the Media folder does not belong there.
Delete it.

Your pop ups are a problem in your browser, which needs a good scrubbing with a reputable anti-Virus package.
At the very least, look in your browser Extensions section, and rip out whatever you find.

But why only with app inventor?

Done :+1: :+1:

Why only with you?

No one else has complained of this.

I don't know
but if it was the browser then why s it there in the other PC too

I can only guess that the common element is you, in how you set browser policies, or in your browser habits.

Here is a link to a very secure open source browser that has worked well for me, at the price of occasional small nags at the lower right corner of the screen.

Try using it only for AI2, not email or general purpose browsing, to keep it clean.

Thanks for this
I will try this out.......