A little doubt!

Hello sorry my english is not very good!

I would like to know if by creating an extension I can change the content of two or three textboxes in the project!

Thank you all!

From what I understand, you should not need an extension for this.

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Let me explain myself better!

In my project I need to perform an operation and then return the result directly to the textbox, to reduce the complexity of the blocks!

If I wasn't clear, I'm sorry, I can explain more!

Many thanks for the quick response!

Complementing... That's why I thought of creating an extension just for this... in a new block, I'll send the information, do what I need and return the result to a textbox.
But I don't know how I can, in the extension, capture the object/component maybe by name and change the content.

What about returning the result as string and then just do a

Set Textbox1.Text to YourMethod


Hello Taifun, I don't have a lot of experience yet, and since I haven't managed to create an extension development environment yet, I'm using the niotron IDE. These 2 days I even studied and tried to capture the object by the component name.
I got some headway, but my difficulty is how to get the correct object (by name) and assign a new value to it.

I know many developers don't like it when we ask for a more practical example, but my current situation is at this level right now because I believe I'm going in circles and not making any progress. That's why I turned to the community!

You do not need it if you follow my advice above

I understood and as soon as he posted it I was seeing if it could be done that way. Just wanted to make some remarks. Thank you very much!

And it works, but in some scenarios I have 3, 5, 9 or more texboxes to be updated, you know?

Return a list in this case

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Hmm, ok, I'll look into that, Thanks Taifun!

If you need an example of lists of components to update, see