A little doubt, thank you (How do you DELETE Projects?)

Hello, I have a small problem, for example I am working on a project, and I spend 2 hours programming, when I finish I am not happy with the result and I do not want anything from that day to be saved, is there a way to not save everything, Thank you.

Welcome to community, App Inventor 2 automatically saves your app every about 5 seconds.


App Inventor projects are autosaved. You could make a copy of the project and work on that. Then you always have an "original".


If you are not refresh the page then you can hit ctrl+z to undo the functions till where do you start.

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A two step process to completely delete a Project:

  • Move the Project to Trash


  • Delete the Trash select the Project from My Delete Projects; then press the Delete From Trash button.



Thank you very much, this is it, the problem was that I did not know that there was a recycle bin, because of that I could not import the aia files, thanks

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