A further step forward for Appinventor

Before being misunderstood, I want to underline all my admiration and respect for the great work you have done and continue to do, to make Appinventor, easy and widely used, my suggestion does not want to diminish your mammoth work and effort.

Especially because thanks to you and the help of all the fans in the forum, I can have fun, pass the time and create apps that I never dreamed of creating, functional and useful for society, I hope, I will only realize it when they will use them.
Here is my suggestion.

I first make a premise:
Since programming languages ​​were born, we have always tried to make it easier for newbies to program.

Now, in my opinion, Appinventor should take a further step forward and start creating no more components that each of us must then learn how to use, but the complete blocks that carry out the operation for which that component or block was born, I'll explain.

If we all had to learn programming, as currently happens, to use these components, if the best programmers have spent 10 years to learn, because I too have to waste time learning everything he has learned, that's okay, if I am smart and smart like him I would take the same time, if instead I am less good, maybe 20 years, when instead, it would be enough for him to make his experience available, not to make me learn programming from the beginning, but to make me use what he has learned.

Example: if the clock component can be programmed to act as a stopwatch, an alarm clock, a clock and so on, why do I have to waste time studying how to make it do it if someone already knows how to make it do it?

All the time it takes me to learn how to use it, I could use it to add these blocks to the application I was creating, without having to go online or make those who help in the forums go crazy, to then come to the same conclusion, let me suggest how I should enter the blocks for these functions, while if you had already prepared them, think about how much time saved, not to mention that many of us do not understand English and the translations are not always understood.

My suggestion applies, for each component, in short, prepare all blocks already complete for each function and many of us in a very short time will be able to create dozens of applications without going crazy having to learn, search on the net or ask for explanations and help in the forums.

In fact, isn't this the purpose of improving programming codes more and more making them easier and easier?

Otherwise, why would you have created Appinventor, you might as well have stayed with the machine languages ​​of yesteryear.

So go further, go to the next step, we would learn programming anyway because we would have the examples ready.

If you do that, any other software will become obsolete and you would save us tens and tens of programming hours. Being able to devote this time only to creating apps.

This does not mean that those who want to dedicate their time to learn all the programming can do it.
But at least give the opportunity to those who, no matter how much they try to learn, will not be able to do so, for various reasons, to be able to try their hand at putting together every complete function, to create new apps, as much as those who have learned to program, perhaps not always will reach perfection, but it will have contributed to everything else, and you will also have made a lot of work easier for professional programmers.

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