A DAW with App Inventor, possible?

Hello, i cannot find my perfect DAW(Digital Audio Workstation), so i wanna make my own. It is possible with some Limitations?

Possibly, you would need to program with libraries available


How is it going to be your perfect DAW if it has limitations?

Things to consider:

  1. Are small android devices suitable for a DAW - Smartphones, Tablets

  2. Do you understand the technicalities of Audio Workstations e.g. how to present the content of an Audio File graphically, how to safely edit the file etc

In my view a block based coding system like App Inventor is not best suited for such a Project, although you could make your own bespoke blocks by writing an extension. It would probably be easier to code a Windows Desktop program with something like C/C++ or PureBasic. I say easier, a DAW is a giant project from a coding point of view - requires a lot of knowledge.

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