A bug with transparency .svg images

paint_en.aia (728.3 KB)
I must see it

But actually in my app I see only that

I use this extension
and dictionary with loop

Tried your images also with [Free] V3 - PixZ - SVG Image Loader 😃 - Extensions - Kodular Community same result. Maybe the problem is with images

It could be the extensions. The images contain the fill="none" attribute. Maybe the extensions don't support that.


Thanks, I will try to use it

They are too large dimensionally. I would suggest converting them to PNG and scaling them right down to final or near final size - as is, they will no doubt crash the App at some stage.

See my site:

I have compilling error with this code.
paint_en (1).aia (796.2 KB)

Thanks, I don't really know about this. But in fact it is used in the original Paint application I took all the images from the system folder so I do not think that using .png instead of .svg will not affect the use. I will optimise my app with your advices.

Don't use both extensions, delete one, refresh project and it will compile with no errors

Than can I use .svg files in canva?

nothing has changed

As I told you in private conversation with your images both extensions show same behavior. I used one of mine with no transparency and worked as I showed you

SVG is currently supported on Canvas as a background image (no extension required) - you would have to read the SVG files and draw the lines etc with the Canvas drawing functions to arrange more than one SVG on a Canvas (or use an extension).

In some programming languages, a Canvas component can behave like a container (like an arrangement), but the default Android canvas used by App Inventor does not have this ability.