A BT Gateway between a smartphone and Arduino to control SMS-OT (like I-OT)

Dear all,
I've just developed a couple of days ago, an app that behaves like a BT gateway between a smartphone and an Arduino, which is equipped with a HC06, so to control actuations via SMS instead of the Internet.
The aim is to give a "second life" to an old smartphone, forgotten in a corner of a drawer, but still functioning, and to drive actuations like domestic appliances, or whatever.
In attachment you can find the .aia, the Arduino code (in txt format) and a document that explains all the HW and the SW (at least in my thought :grin: ).
If the BT communication fails, the app retries to re-establish the communication (i.e.between the phone and the Arduino there is a sort of handshake similar to a watchdog).
I hope it can be of some interest for someone.

Cheers, Ugo.

SMS_BT_IOT_ino.txt (8.6 KB)

SMS_BT_Gateway.aia (1.7 MB)

IOT_SMS-docx.pdf (337.3 KB)

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