A book with ListViewer (or Label Display of csv )

Now you have explained it makes sense, although all your csv files are incorrectly numbered :wink:
Requires a few more blocks to make it work.

Yes ? :wink:


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Is the title read out in the sound file ?

No, The title isn't read in the sound.

Yes the design now is correct.

Herewith the blocks that read a csv file from assets and display in the textbox (the beginning!)
(Credits @Anke for MyFonts extension)

now to handle the timings and the sound file :wink:


Thank you all of you!

I believe we have a working solution.

readerV1Demo.aia (1.1 MB)


It has not been possible to create a banded display in a single textbox.


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Hello Tim,
I really appreciate you for the great job you have done.

If it's possible to:

1- Cancel the "Read only button" because I don't want to read a single text instead of that, I want to add "Read when you highlight any single text by touching it" I mean when you touch any single text, the single text is being highlighted after that click "Read all button" to start reading all texts next.

2- Add a ListPicker to select (1.csv, 2.csv, 3.csv ,,,, 114.csv)

3- Add a ListPicker to select Reader (1sound.csv 2sound.csv ,,,,, 15sound.csv) I mean every single reader reads (1.csv, 2.csv, 3.csv ,,,, 114.csv)

Thank you very much Tim

Is'nt possible to make all texts like this arrangement:
instead of this:

Try with this csv format it might be possible to be:
1.csv (652 Bytes)

1 You can hide the Read Only button and remove the code.

2 & 3 Use all the code you have previously used to fetch and read your CSV and sound files.

4 Try changing the content of the variable 'linebreak' to a space or two spaces. There would be more work to centre the title.

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1- I mean if it's possible to highlight the text instead of showing the type curser
Type Curser

2 & 3 I' will try and let you know how is going on.

4- I tried but it shows an error message.

1 We need the cursor to know where we are in the text in order to be able to select it.
4 Try putting \t in the variable linebreak, instead of \n, this works for me.

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1 You are right, I mean that I want to show the highlight on text by focus or by a long click on the text instead of the cursor before clicking on "Read only button" and before start reading with the sound. I mean that I want to highlight the sentence which I want to listen it.
4 I tried putting \t, but the title comes along side with text 1

  1. There is no click event when you touch the text, therefore you have to start a clock running by pressing the Read Only or Read To End buttons in order to catch the text cursor position and start things running.
  2. You will need to write more blocks code to separate the title from the read texts. However, you did say:

for this

Please remember that what I have provided is a demonstration of the reading of highlighted text with a sound file, synchronising the spoken words with the written words, to prove what is possible with a textbox and extensions.

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I am sorry to disturb you Tim.

1 I suggest to cancel Read Only and Read to End buttons in order to start things running by a long touching the text and we just make only one method Read to End unless we click stop button.

2 I will try to find some blocks to modify the title.

Thank you so much Tim :wink:

Hello Tim,

When I put the cursor on the text, it shows the Typekey and also I can delete the text. So, please how can I disable the typekey and delete function?

Find the highlighter procedure, and add a hideKeyboard block. The keyboard still flashes up momentarily. I will see if I can find a better solution meanwhile.


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Yes, I added the hideKeyboard block and it flashes momently.