507 Error , Please help!

please help me with this, im new to this and i keep running into this issue. i am trying to create a simple two switch bluetooth app, using 3 buttons. i dont know what i am missing, i followed a tutorial which had more buttons, i then tried the exact thing with the 5 buttons not 3, it still gave me the same issues. im beginning to the tutorial i followed was the problem (in the block building) and not the fact i used three instead of five buttons (the main switches i mean) because i have tried the 5 layout and still same issue, i need some help if anyone sees a problem im having. my idea is trying to use these switches onto my tablet. both my bluetooth on devices are on and both reconise each other. the app even reconises the tablet (im using it on a samsung s9) i hope this is all enough info for some advice, thanks in advance.

What are these blertooth devices?

connection on a phone and a tablet , i am trying to connect my phone (with the app) to my tablet via bluetooth.

Use this tutorial to connect two phones or tablets. The method you use is to connect to a serial Bluetooth device such as the HC-05 module.


thank you so much ill be sure to check this out :slight_smile: i apriciate it a lot.

wondering how to make it so the two buttons in my design would be functional , as this looks like a text app. if you have time please look up AbleNet Bluetooth Blue2, its some hardware you can connect to your phone or tablet and use switch acsess for people with disabilities, i am trying to create a bluetooth software app that does a similar thing so basically it will be able to have two buttons when pushed they can perform functions set up via phone or tablet they are being used on but using the phone or tablet as the "hardware" if any of that makes sense lol i will try and work more into it , ive only been working with mit app inventor a week and already have 3 apps im working on

Then it's best to have this device for testing.

its not an option. this is nothing to do with the programming im doing , it was just an example of what im trying to achieve something with the similar functionality. i want to be able to control two buttons on my phone. to acsess my tablet via switch accsess which is built in to accsesibility options. i am not sure its fisable but i will figure it out hopefully.

is a stand alone hardware. that has 2 buttons. that runs by connecting it physically into a phone or tablet and using it in the accessibility option. i am trying to create a bluetooth bridged app to do a similar functioning. or id have just bought the AbleNet Bluetooth Blue2 but its extortionately priced and im working on trying to create a cheaper option for people with disabilities to use there phone as a bluetooth enabled remote basically "called a switch" where it has two switches....anyways, i will keep trying :slight_smile:

bumps, in hopes someone can further advise, thanks in advance.