3rd, April 2023 - Server Error - APK Not Created

Hello, I have a server error and the AI2 do not want to build my app. Could you please check it? Thanks! @ewpatton Have a great day! Martina


Post he aia.

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Hello Anke, Thank you. Tomorrow morning I will post the aia. Now I have to go to bed. Because of health reasons I need regular sleep. We have now midnight. Thank you. Martina

There is no need to tag the lead developer on this issue. Please do not do this. He generally reads all posts when he gets the time. Community moderators will usually check if the servers are running and report to MIT tech staff as necessary.

You did not show the error you were receiving when compiling your app.

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Buenas tardes colega, soy de Perú y estoy teniendo el mismo problema con la construcción de mi aplicación... Esperemos que logre restablecerse pronto. Saludos.

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El mensaje es: "Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!"

Looks like MIT are working on the build servers at the moment (or they are very busy....)

I am getting this error now:

Build failed! Build server responded with response code 504.
<head><title>504 Gateway Time-out</title></head>
<center><h1>504 Gateway Time-out</h1></center>

A tiny app also failed to build here, server error try again later.
My status scraper app says 8% utilization, though.
@jis ?

I'll check this out shortly.

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That was weird. The whole buildserver cluster was stuck. I'm not certain why. But I rebuilt it and things are working now.


Hello TIMAI2, Sorry for this mistake. I did not know, that they check the servers regularly. If it happens again, I will wait until it works. Have a great day!

Thanks, but at the moment, there is no need to post the AIA file and I do not want to post AIA files public. Other users also had an error message. The error is fixed and my app is until some few programming errors ok, which I will try to fix now. Thank you.